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Me and my fiancé had been trying to conceive for 18 months. We went for tests and it turned out that the only way we would have conceived was through ivf. We were recommended to try acupuncture with Maria by my mother in law. So I went for my first session with Maria in July 2019 which she made me feel so at ease and such an amazing listener too. She went through everything with me and what I needed to do and what was going to happen. She said to me that if myself and my fiancé both have an acupuncture session it may help more so we both went to see Maria middle of August 2019. We went to the doctors in the October 2019 to start the ball rolling for ivf and also I wanted to check as for a few weeks my boobs were very sore and was a bit worried as my sister had just gone through breast cancer so wanted to make sure, the doctor asked me when I was due my period and told me to make an appointment the following week as I was due the Monday after seeing the doctor. Me and my fiancé decided to take a pregnancy test just to rule everything out but we had in our heads that it would come back negative as we had been told that we could only conceive through ivf and when we took the test it actually came back positive!! Which we actually took 5 tests as we couldn’t believe it! I am actually 33 weeks now. We could not be more happy and can not recommend Maria enough as she has taken all the stress of trying to conceive for 18 months and more stress of going through ivf treatment. Thank you so much!!  - Jo Padley
I have been going to Maria for a couple of years now at the Magnolia centre for acupuncture. As soon as I met Maria I felt she was professional, easy to talk to and listened to my issues I had. Maria has treated me for anxiety and pain in my ankle, and continues to do so. Maria always has time to listen to my concerns and has become someone I can rely on. I highly recommend her expertise and empathy she shows within her profession - Paula Thomas 
I was recommended to Magnolia and Maria by a friend. I realised I needed treatment at the end of first lockdown. I had had acupuncture previously. From first visit I felt safe in the building and in the fantastic care of Maria. She really cares about the wellbeing of her clients. The treatment I have received has helped me tremendously. Maria has a calm and pleasing personality and is an excellent communicator.  I am so glad I have found Magnolia and Acupuncture by Maria - Glenda Thomas
I am a person that has suffered from anxiety for most of my life which has resulted in high levels of physical tension. After trying many different therapies it was recommended to me that I try acupuncture and cupping. After only 5 sessions with Maria I feel a different person, more relaxed, balanced, less tense which has lifted my mood. Maria is truly dedicated to her work and helping people. I really enjoy the cupping therapy as it instantly releases physical tension and strangely gives you more natural energy. Acupuncture and Cupping therapy combined will be part of my life going forward as I feel the benefits are incredible. I highly recommend that you give it a go if you are suffering from stress, tension or any other physical or mental ailment as I am sure you will not be disappointed - Jonathan Ridd
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