Bookings can be made online from Magnolia - Centre for Health and Wellbeing's website or by calling 01639 635000.

You can also contact Maria directly on 07830263954 or via Facebook as Maria Acupuncture or the Acupuncture by Maria Page.


The first treatment will be an informal discussion regarding your medical history and details of your main complaint and any other health complaints you may have. This can be time consuming, but it is essential for the correct traditional diagnosis. It will take approx. 1.5 hours and you may or may not be needled on this occasion. This will depend on time and the condition being treated.

The follow up treatment and any future treatments will include a brief discussion and then needling and any other therapies (see THERAPIES) that may be indicated. The routine acupuncture treatment will take between 45 mins and one hour.

Acupuncture is not a one-off treatment and it is recommended to have at least four treatments. A realistic estimate of how often you will need to be seen and the number of treatments you will need will be given to you and any questions answered.

Initial Consultation: Up to 1.5 hours -£50.00

Follow-up appointments: 45 mins - 1 hour - £40.00

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  • I have been seeing Maria for a few weeks now and the results have been truly amazing both to my physical and emotional wellbeing. I have been struggling with arthritis in my left knee which has been very painful. The treatments I have received have been so effective - it is such a relief not to be in constant pain! I have a stressful job and am also a carer for my elderly parents - I can honestly say that my stress always melts away during      and following my treatments! Maria is a kind and caring professional who immediately puts you at your ease.

      Julie Hetherton

  • I am so glad I found Maria! Maria has treated the issues I initially went to her with (migraines) and so much more. I feel like a very different person with significantly reduced anxiety, better sleep and a solution to PMT ! Maria is always welcoming, friendly and empathetic and highly professional in her approach. I have encouraged my friends to seek acupuncture following my experience and would fully recommend Maria.

      Polly O`Donnell

  • I have been to see Maria several times for back, shoulder and neck problems and found the treatments help tremendously. I’ve had acupuncture and gua sha and the latter has resolved a long term shoulder problem. My sleep at night has also improved with the acupuncture. Maria is professional, attentive, friendly and is happy to explain all treatments in detail. I’ll definitely be going back to her for more treatments. Thanks, Simon.

       Simon Newton

  • I went to Maria as I was suffering from anxiety and work related stress that was leading to many sleepless nights and affecting my well-being Maria created a personalized acupuncture treatment plan. I noticed even after a few treatment sessions with Maria I was better able to deal with stressful situations and felt less anxious.Over the course of a few months I noticed a huge transformation. Feeling more relaxed, better able to deal with stressful situations. I had the confidence to successfully handle a tough recruitment process to land a new role.Landing this new role was in no small part to the transformation I experienced following Maria's acupuncture treatment.  Maria is very professional, attentive, welcoming and always made me felt at ease. I highly recommend Maria

       Paul H